7 Most Common Sports Injuries to Occur

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Sports injuries can occur when you least expect it and can even deter some from participating in a certain sport. Whether you’re a professional or just hitting some balls with buddies at the court on Saturdays, you are always at risk of getting an injury.

Best to be aware of them all. It is important to know as much as possible about possible and common sports injuries. Here are our top 7 common sports injuries.

Tear or StrainTear or Strain 300x167 - 7 Most Common Sports Injuries to Occur

Probably the most common of them all. When we play sports or even exercise, we are more susceptible to tearing or straining our muscles. This is because our tendons and muscles are moving in ways it’s not used to or just in ways it shouldn’t. The most popular strain is the straining of the hamstring.

SprainsSprains 300x167 - 7 Most Common Sports Injuries to Occur

Ligaments are the tissue between bones which holds the joints together. When they move in a direction they shouldn’t, they can tear, leading to a long painful recovery. Warming up with good stretches or learning a good technique in the sport you are playing can help when avoiding sprains.

FracturesFractures 300x167 - 7 Most Common Sports Injuries to Occur

Fractures are common in contact sports such as football, rugby and boxing. This is when a bone is cracked or broken. Not only can a bone be fractured from the impact but also from overuse. This is known as a stress fracture, which usually occurs in the feet of runners.

Shin SplintsShin Splints 300x167 - 7 Most Common Sports Injuries to Occur

Inflammation of the lower leg muscles and tendons surrounding your shin. Athletes often endure shin splints after changing up there routine or intensified their workout.

Recovery can be quick when repetitive strain isn’t put on the existing injury. Flat feet and weak ankles are common causes according to WebMD.

Tennis ElbowTennis Elbow 300x167 - 7 Most Common Sports Injuries to Occur

This is when the tendons in the forearm become inflamed from overexertion. Athletes who play sports like tennis, golf and baseball often suffer from this injury as they put quite a bit of strain on the tendons when gripping constantly.

Back injuriesBack injuries 300x167 - 7 Most Common Sports Injuries to Occur

They can occur with virtually any sport out there, leaving your lower or upper back with painful spasms. Any activity that puts stress on the back can lead to spraining of ligaments or spraining of the muscles.

The sports that involve heavy lifting, vigorous movements or even golf can bring upon a back injury.

ConcussionConcussion 300x167 - 7 Most Common Sports Injuries to Occur

Again, the culprit here is contact sports. A concussion is a brain injury which usually results in a loss of normal brain function. Typically occurred by a blow to the head but can also be a result of a sudden jolt or bump.

Athletes who play football and boxing usually suffer from a concussion once during their career. The first symptom of a concussion is a headache, confusion and even memory loss.

Now that you are more equipped with the knowledge of the most common sports injuries you can come across; you will be better prepared when going out and partaking in a new sport or training for the one you already enjoy.

Always keep in mind that injuries can and will almost always happen. Take it slow if you’re trying something new and look out for these common injuries.

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